5 Top DIY Tips to step up your selling potential

Friday 17 Mar 2017

Looking to add value to your property? Here’s five budget ways to do it yourself…

  1. Paint and polish
    First impressions count, so it’s worth giving everything a good going over with a new coat of paint. The very first thing potential buyers will see is your front door, so it’s important it looks clean inviting and in good condition. It’s also worth going over walls, skirting boards and even floors to really brighten things up. A neutral colour will create a blank canvas, and the addition of a hanging mirror can really open up a space.
  2. Light it up
    What’s the first thing you do when you view a property? If it’s flick the light switches, then you’re no different to the majority of potential buyers. Make sure all your light fittings are working properly, and update any dated fixtures. Pay close attention to your exterior lights – adding an eye-catching feature lantern can create an immediate point of interest.
  3. Clean out clutter
    Anyone looking to purchase a property wants to be able to easily visualise the space as their own, so clearing out mess, clutter and personal objects is crucial. If you’re not quite ready to part with your bits and pieces, put them in storage until you sell. Remember you’re trying to create space, so don’t cram things into cupboards…potential buyers will look everywhere!
  4. It’s all in the detail
    When it comes to upping the value of your home, you’d be amazed by the impact of the little things. A good, thorough clean will get rid of any cooking or pet odours, and a fresh bead of caulk around your bathroom fixtures will take years off the fittings. Consider updating cupboard and cabinet handles with something simple and modern, and install new power outlet plates, which have a habit of accumulating grime. Finally, yank out any exterior weeds, add a new doormat, and put out some fresh flowers or a fruit bowl for a quick and easy facelift.
  5. Have some time to spare?
    One of the best ways to add value to a home is by updating your kitchen. New countertops and modern appliances tend to provide a strong return on investment, so if you have some extra cash to spare, this may be the way to spend it. Alternatively, you can modernise the look and feel of the space by replacing or painting cabinets, and making sure everything is structurally sound and in perfect working order.

- Irene Dermatis