10 Signs Telling You It’s The Right Time To Sell

The Covid pandemic has led to an unexpected boom in real estate, one we could have never predicted happening. It’s also left homeowners questioning whether now is the right time to sell. Is it the right time for you? Read on…

While no one can predict the future, economists believe that continued low-interest rates, a strong vaccine roll-out, and government incentives for buyers and investors will translate into strong price growth across all capital cities. Add to that, RealEstate.com.au has reported housing prices have increased dramatically across Australia over the past two decades, and have in fact doubled in recent years, making it the perfect time to sell.

So if you’re asking yourself should you take advantage of current selling conditions? We have 10 questions to ask yourself to help determine if now is the perfect time for you to sell…

1.  Have you built positive equity?

2. Are you financially ready to move?

3. Are you emotionally ready to move?

4. Have you outgrown your home?

5. You can now work from home, so don’t need to be close to work?

6. Your location / community no longer suits your needs?

7. Did your neighbours sell for a good price?

8.  Are market conditions are on your side?

9. Will renovations overcapitalise your home?

10. Would you like more cash flow?

If you answered ‘yes’ to six or more of these questions, it sounds like you’re ready to sell. But we’re thinking you probably know that already. Saying that we’re here to help and advise you. Click the button below to contact us to have your home appraised or to chat with our team about selling your home.