7 tips to secure a rental property in this tight market

In the current market, one of the frequent asked question is “What do I need to do to secure a rental property?”.

Our property managers and leasing agent compiled a list of tips:

  1. Make a “must-have” check list, itemising areas, how many rooms, views, parking, your budget etc, so you can make sure you find your perfect new home. 
  2. Prepare your application, so you can submit it as soon as you find the right house or apartment.

    Having your application ready to go is often the difference between securing a rental and missing out. 

    If you are renting the property with your partner or roommate, make sure they have filled in an application, with all the attachments, as well.

    Make sure your application is complete with all the necessary documents.  
  3. Prepare Online application. You can sign up via realestate.com.au and prepare an application with all the necessary attachments, like identification, bank statement (important), payslips and if applicable attach your visa.
    You can use the application multiple times if necessary. Make sure you adjust your cover letter to the property you are applying for.
  4. References are very important. As the landlord need to know what kind of person you are, especially a rental history and a reference from a former landlord or Real Estate Agency with a rental ledger included is preferable.

    If you’re a first-time renter, you won’t have a rental history, so choose referees who are credible and relevant. A boss or work colleague are great choices.

    Make sure you have informed your referees, as a property manager can call once you’ve lodged an application.
  5. Sign up for Property Alerts to keep up to date on the latest properties for lease. Also to help you search, bookmark Properties for Lease and Rental Inspections
  6. Inspect the property. In most cases, rentals in tight markets are being leased immediately after the first open, make sure you are one of the first to arrive. 

    Inspecting a rental not only allows you to see the property and surrounds, it also gives you the opportunity to get to meet us, your potential new agents. It’s also the time to ask questions about the property, the area and the lease. 

    Please note: Inspecting a property is a requirement. Applications will not be approved if you have not inspected the property.

    You can check out our property inspection times here.
  7. ACT immediately. If the property is what you want, after the inspection, send your application immediately. When the agent contacts you about your application, reply as soon as possible.

We’re here to help, you can also drop into the office to find out more information about CRE and the properties we have to lease.